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Why I buy Cheap Vaporizers

cheap vaporizer

I have never seen the point in buying an expensive vaporizer these days when there are so many quality cheap vaporizers for sale online.

I mean, sure, if you get an expensive vaporizer with a warranty you can feel confident that you are going to be happily vaporizer for a few years with a replacement if needed. But when you consider that you can get 3-4 super effective cheap vaporizers from many online shops with next day delivery, it feels a little pointless.

The chances that you are going to break 3 vaporizers is very slim if you visit a good shop such as – they state that all designs are tested before being stocked, so they can get rid of any chances of selling bad products to us smokers.

Now vapes are not like ecigs, so don’t worry about the media blast of if they are safe to use or not, those articles refer to the chemicals within the ecigs. Vaporizing is much different. But I guess it all depends on what you are putting in the chamber, I like to think that if it grew naturally, then get it down ya!

So I covered my opinions on bongs a while back, but this is my first post on vaping. I myself could never give up on smoking because the after effect is much stronger, but to help me through the day whilst looking after my lungs, using a cheap vaporizer is the best idea I ever had.

I only own portable types as I am not always home and I need something for the go, but I am able to charge it up in the car thanks to the USB capabilities. I am not lucky enough to of found a cheap vaporizer than can also work with wax, but I’m sure there will be some about soon as prices are always getting cheaper on electronics.