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Bongs are the best way to

glass bongs

I’ve been doing a lot of weed smoking lately using many different methods. I love using my range of pipes and smoking tools, here is what I currently use:

My bong is around 500mm tall and I fill that baby right up with my weed smoke! It is made from glass and the bowl is really wide and easy to empty, I normally use bongs towards the end of the night when I need a proper hit! As you might know, when you’ve been smoking all day you build up another level of tolerance to the herb.

I love my little bubbler pipe, it has a mini water chamber right under the built in bowl, it gives such a nice hit and I find it so easy to work with. My favourite place to use the bubbler pipe is in bed!

I use this the least out of all my smoking methods, I find that without water too much smoke can be really rough on the throat. But if you just draw a little bit through then the pipe works really well!

A good joint never gets old, wrapping up a doobie is so fun. But I much prefer to find bongs for sale.

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Why I buy Cheap Vaporizers

cheap vaporizer

I have never seen the point in buying an expensive vaporizer these days when there are so many quality cheap vaporizers for sale online.

I mean, sure, if you get an expensive vaporizer with a warranty you can feel confident that you are going to be happily vaporizer for a few years with a replacement if needed. But when you consider that you can get 3-4 super effective cheap vaporizers from many online shops with next day delivery, it feels a little pointless.

The chances that you are going to break 3 vaporizers is very slim if you visit a good shop such as – they state that all designs are tested before being stocked, so they can get rid of any chances of selling bad products to us smokers.

Now vapes are not like ecigs, so don’t worry about the media blast of if they are safe to use or not, those articles refer to the chemicals within the ecigs. Vaporizing is much different. But I guess it all depends on what you are putting in the chamber, I like to think that if it grew naturally, then get it down ya!

So I covered my opinions on bongs a while back, but this is my first post on vaping. I myself could never give up on smoking because the after effect is much stronger, but to help me through the day whilst looking after my lungs, using a cheap vaporizer is the best idea I ever had.

I only own portable types as I am not always home and I need something for the go, but I am able to charge it up in the car thanks to the USB capabilities. I am not lucky enough to of found a cheap vaporizer than can also work with wax, but I’m sure there will be some about soon as prices are always getting cheaper on electronics.

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Reasons why I Love Glass Bong Bowls

yoda bong bowl

I know that bong bowls made of other material – ceramic, plastic, wood – have a lot going for them. As a matter of personal preference, however, I am convinced that there is nothing like glass bong bowls to give you the ultimate smoking pleasure. I see glass as the ideal material for smoking. It resists heat. It is easy to clean. And it keeps the flavor of my reefers pure and natural – not interfering in any way at all with the taste of my smoke.

With glass bong bowls, I have a run of the field when it comes to variety. There are so many options available. I can get my bong bowls in virtually any color I want, including the pristine transparent pure glass.

cool bong bowls in glass

Glass bong bowls come in many shapes and forms; you are certain to find one – or several – to appeal to your taste and budget. If you want to keep it simple, a high-quality classic glass bong bowl is elegant in its simplicity. But if you are the type to enjoy collecting attachments, you will enjoy all the accessories available, including high-grade down stems, party bowls, single snap accessories, spare percolators, ash catchers, and many more. Moreover, contrary to my initial apprehension, glass bong bowls are very durable; my favorite one has survived several drops.


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Glass Bong Downpipes for the Best Smoking Experience

bong downstems

An increasing number of people are opting to smoke using upgraded bong downpipes. The experience is a lot more pleasant; you get a sense that you do not take in the tar and toxins as smoke is sieved through water or ice.

When shopping for glass bong downpipes, you can become a bit overwhelmed by the choices available for your discernment. There is a wide variety to choose from, including diffusers and slides.

Best Downstems for your Bong

After having tried all these options, I have come to the conclusion that nothing beats diffuser downstems. For me, glass is the ultimate material for bong downpipes.

Glass bongs are available in many designs – from classically beautiful to downright crazy fun. You are sure to get one in the size, height, and shape that you prefer – and the price that you can afford. Nothing can compete with glass when it comes to quality, style, and sophistication. Glass bongs are also sturdy and durable. I always take my favorite ones with me in my travels and they have been with me for years.

What hits the spot with me, however, when it comes to my glass bongs, is the fact that I always get an incomparably pure, clean smoking experience – no aftertaste, no interference with flavor. I can always easily tell if my glass bongs have resin build-up so I am always able to keep them clean. With my glass bongs always sparkling and ready for use, I am always guaranteed the cleanest, purest smoking experience.

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Things to look out for when you buy a bong

As a user of bongs for five years I have built up lots of knowledge of what makes a great bong. Through trial and error I have also learned what you should avoid. I want my blog here to be really useful to smokers so I figured sharing my knowledge on glass bongs is the best way to do this!

glass bongs

After you have looked around and found the best bong shop to buy from it is time to start browsing those awesome pipes! If you want some advice on where to buy from then I suggest one of these two shops: or Old Havana. Both have a great selection with the most competitive prices online, great head shops to buy from.

Now lets buy a bong!

So filter the bongs by the material you want, I suggest you only pick glass bongs as that is what I am covering here, the other types are for noobs! Now, the downstem that is normally a separate glass pipe that takes the bowl and delivers the smoke into the bong can actually come in a ‘flue’ design where it is non removable. This is an awesome design, it takes away the chances of dropping the downpipe and breaking it. So my first word of advice is to go for these designs.

Secondly I would only consider percolator bongs, my favorite type of percolator is the tree! I would get either a double or a triple tree percolator but that will cost you quite a bit more so it depends on your budget.

With all this talking about how fun it is to buy a bong, I feel I should remind you that edibles is much healthier, but judging the strength is very hard so I couldn’t recommend it. Check out quit now for some pretty good advice and tactics.


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Review for

bongs at lemon smoke

I normally pick my bongs up from the local market from one of the many stalls that sell bongs. But you can only really get hold of cheap plastic types and this time I wanted to spend a bit more and get a really special glass bong. Bongs from Lemon Smoke offered a really, really impressive range of glass bongs, I spent ages looking through all the pipes before I finally made my purchase. I wanted to find reviews for Lemon Smoke but I just couldn’t find any, so for that reason I am leaving them a personal review on my blog.

I went for a unbranded glass bong because they were so much cheaper than names such as Grace Glass, and the stats of the one I got seemed to equal up to those that GG had anyway, for for like £20 less! Overall I spent £70 on my order because I wanted to get a precooler too, I thought it was really cool how Lemon Smoke had all the sizing for their components and that made buying the precooler for my bong much easier.

I live in England so I checked our government policies before I went to buy a bong online, I was sure all would be fine but it is nice to confirm. Lemon Smoke also gave discreet postage on my glass bong just to keep everything private, which was nice.

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Dude rolls a crazy joint

I was just having a blaze and a scroll through YouTube and came across this crazy joint, was impressed and thought, damn, this is the kinda thing I want to fill my blog with! Props to this guy, it is nice to see some decent footage too, there is no excuse for low quality video these days!

This video takes me back to when my friends would roll a Tulip Joint, which is quite common in Amsterdam. I’ve never seen anything this crazy being smoked though.

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Introducing my bongs collection

Hey, I am an active forum member on many smoking blogs and I am creating this wordpress blog so that I can make updates on all of my new bongs! I really want to get a nice camera setup so I can make videos of these bongs as I often find some really nice bongs at – But I am not here to advertise certain headshops, I just want to show my new bongs! I might even put a few of my custom ones for sale.