We all have questions when it comes to bongs these days. It does not matter if you are brand new, considering to buy your first bong, or if you have had them in the past and just want to purchase a new one for whatever reason. It is fun to go shopping, we all know that. Something about spending money, it is a powerful feeling. Ready to ‘make it rain’ on whoever has the perfect water pipe for you. Once you buy one the fun does not stop at all, you still need to christen your new pipe by pulling some smoke through and tasting the result! Just talking about it makes me want to click over to an online website and grab hold of something right now.

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Just take a look at the list above, this does not even come close to covering all the different smoking tools available for sale out there. Honestly, the types of things you can smoke out of these days are endless.


You should really listen to me, I have used these bongs since they came on to the scene so many years ago. Let me give you a little walk through on how to use them with your favourite weed. Just take hold of your herb and start to pick it all apart, do not use scissors as they crush it together and you will end up with less. The best method is a shark tooth grinder. After that locate the bowl on your bong, it is a circular shaped part with a concave inside. Place your beautiful little herbs in here and apply a lighter to them, about 1cm away, and then inhale from the main pipe and watch that smoke get sucked inside of the water. Inhale it baby! Don’t play!