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Where is the best place to buy bongs

I had an amazing experience lately when it came to buying my first ever bong over the internet. Normally I would just put together something myself, roll a joint or maybe buy a standard pipe from the corner shop. But this time I wanted something a little more special so I asked around a bit about where to buy a bong and how to go about it.

I had a few online head shops recommended to me but the most popular choice seemed to be one called, when I logged over I was really impressed and it seems obvious that it was the best place to buy bongs. I went with them as it made sense when I compared them to other online head shops, and that was over a year ago! Since then I have placed around 10 orders that range from around $30 all the way to $100+!

I find their bongs for sale cheap and extremely effective for smoking my herbs, I am really careful with my glass so I have a nice collection growing on my shelf. I think over the last year I have not even broke a single bong!

The best place to buy a bong is hands down LemonSmoke, they do not sell their products for use with illegal drugs, so be aware that if you message them and show intent to do so then they might not sell bongs to you!

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