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Bongs are the best way to

glass bongs

I’ve been doing a lot of weed smoking lately using many different methods. I love using my range of pipes and smoking tools, here is what I currently use:

My bong is around 500mm tall and I fill that baby right up with my weed smoke! It is made from glass and the bowl is really wide and easy to empty, I normally use bongs towards the end of the night when I need a proper hit! As you might know, when you’ve been smoking all day you build up another level of tolerance to the herb.

I love my little bubbler pipe, it has a mini water chamber right under the built in bowl, it gives such a nice hit and I find it so easy to work with. My favourite place to use the bubbler pipe is in bed!

I use this the least out of all my smoking methods, I find that without water too much smoke can be really rough on the throat. But if you just draw a little bit through then the pipe works really well!

A good joint never gets old, wrapping up a doobie is so fun. But I much prefer to find bongs for sale.