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Reasons why I Love Glass Bong Bowls

yoda bong bowl

I know that bong bowls made of other material – ceramic, plastic, wood – have a lot going for them. As a matter of personal preference, however, I am convinced that there is nothing like glass bong bowls to give you the ultimate smoking pleasure. I see glass as the ideal material for smoking. It resists heat. It is easy to clean. And it keeps the flavor of my reefers pure and natural – not interfering in any way at all with the taste of my smoke.

With glass bong bowls, I have a run of the field when it comes to variety. There are so many options available. I can get my bong bowls in virtually any color I want, including the pristine transparent pure glass.

cool bong bowls in glass

Glass bong bowls come in many shapes and forms; you are certain to find one – or several – to appeal to your taste and budget. If you want to keep it simple, a high-quality classic glass bong bowl is elegant in its simplicity. But if you are the type to enjoy collecting attachments, you will enjoy all the accessories available, including high-grade down stems, party bowls, single snap accessories, spare percolators, ash catchers, and many more. Moreover, contrary to my initial apprehension, glass bong bowls are very durable; my favorite one has survived several drops.


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